The Ultra Caving Run is the flagship route: it consists of a series of 4 underground traverses of the Dent, interspersed with 4 surface hikes. 2 underground bivouacs are also on the programme for this unrivalled raid.

But before tackling this monster, 2 preliminary days will give you a chance to warm up and get to grips with the world of the Dent. These days will be essential if you are to fully experience the Ultra Caving Run adventure and its… 48 hours of effort.

The Ultra Caving Run is an extraordinary raid, without equal anywhere in the world. It exists nowhere else but at the Dent de Crolles. And to make sure you’re in the best possible condition, 2 cave guides will accompany you throughout this extraordinary challenge.


Difficulty :




5-day programme

EQUIPMENT & Management

All caving equipment (helmets, wetsuits, harnesses, etc.) is provided.

This route is fully managed by 2 Professional Caving Guides.


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Guided group package: €3550
€1975 / person
€1450 / person
€1188 / person

Booking - 7holes Ultra Caving Run