This route corresponds to stage 4 of the 7holes Challenge, the shortest, but with a very varied profile.

After a beautiful 3km approach to the middle of the Dent plateau, the entrance opens up to us in the ground: this is our entry shaft. We then make our way through a highly complex system of galleries and meanders, carved out by water over millions of years. A final series of shafts will bring us closer to the exit, after a climb of around 200 metres through the mountain.

We’ll then return to our starting point in the morning and complete this mythical and demanding loop.


Difficulty :


Because of its difficulty, this route requires knowledge of certain caving techniques for progressing on a rope. Failing that, a preliminary run or a training day will enable you to acquire these techniques. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assess this together.




EQUIPMENT & Management

All caving equipment (helmets, wetsuits, harnesses, etc.) is provided.

This route is fully managed by 1 Professional Caving Guide.


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Guided group package: €457
€229 / person
€152 / person
€149 / person

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