This is stage 1 of the 7holes Challenge and probably the most technical.
A long walk will first take us to the edge of the Dent plateau, passing at an altitude of 2,000 metres. Then, a magnificent underground traverse, complete with a series of large shafts, will bring us back into the daylight, just over 600 metres below, right in the heart of the Chartreuse forest.
Then it’s time to return to our starting point for a spectacular final rush up the West face of the Dent.


Difficulty :


Because of its difficulty, this route requires knowledge of certain caving techniques for progressing on a rope. Failing that, a preliminary run or a training day will enable you to acquire these techniques. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assess this together.




EQUIPMENT & Management

All caving equipment (helmets, wetsuits, harnesses, etc.) is provided.

This route is fully managed by 1 Professional Caving Guide.


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Guided group package: €609
€355 / person
€273 / person
€209 / person

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